Two Fundamental Goals of A Right-Thinking Leader

By: Emma K. Marvel  

(Website: (Originally written and posted for; February 12th, 2018)

In my endless pursuit of searching for what is and is NOT a biblical practice of leadership, I’ve come to realize that all “best practices” and researched or tested leadership principles can be founded and related to an example of prime leadership skills found in the Bible. What I have also realized is that there were and are people gifted in leadership who weren’t or aren’t always aligned with the will and callings of God.

In addition, there are some individuals in the Bible that begin quite poorly and made choices that appear to be permanently marring but then once aligned with the purpose and instruction of the Lord, experience a 180 degree turn-around. This leads me to  believe the following statements:

    1. Some people are born with an innate gift or ability to lead. (E.g. the naturally “cool” kid on the block, or the head bully that doesn’t even know what they are doing wrong.)
    2. Others may not be imbued with this natural tendency to stand out amongst many and draw a following, (seemingly) without effort—but what they lack, God can augment, and with time the “poor starter” can become not only an equal to the innate leader, but can even become the teacher because of all his/her previous experiences and ability to apply multiple personal examples (and what we call in education “non-examples”).

This is such a revelation to me, and hopefully to you too!


This is fantastic news!! It means we are not permanently broken or stuck with being the “underdog” all our lives. We can rise above, and become the proverbial  “cherry-on-top” that we desire to be! The one whom others actually seek out when looking for good advice, idea generating, an engaging public speaker, inspirational pep-talk, a confidant, or the new CEO for their company.

What we were born with doesn’t define what we are ultimately capable of!

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