Combating the ‘Fizzle Out’ of Team Members

(Originally written and posted for; April 9, 2018) By: Emma K. Marvel During my time as an educator in Texas,  I came across all sorts of acronyms, approaches, and systems that are touted to be phenomenal for producing "student engagement." For Example: Kahoot, Plickers, Screen-castify, TRTW, TPRS, Gamification, Total Immersion, Realia, Project-based Learning, Comprehensible Input … Continue reading Combating the ‘Fizzle Out’ of Team Members

Two Fundamental Goals of A Right-Thinking Leader

By: Emma K. Marvel   (Website: (Originally written and posted for; February 12th, 2018) In my endless pursuit of searching for what is and is NOT a biblical practice of leadership, I’ve come to realize that all “best practices” and researched or tested leadership principles can be founded and related to an example of … Continue reading Two Fundamental Goals of A Right-Thinking Leader


"I recently read a sentence that stood out to me, and it made me think of every human ever to grace the face of this bright blue ball of a planet…it went like this:  “To expect him to deny that fierce nature of his—given to him by God Himself— is perhaps expecting too much of [him].”  (Taken from “The Triumph” by Gene Edwards) ..."


**Warning: This post is female specific--and not suitable for anyone who has not experienced the joy of puberty... ___________________________________ Today. Today was a Doozie. AND not the cookie type... There’s nothing else to call it. It was quite possibly the worst day I’ve lived through in the last 2 years.  I am SO glad it … Continue reading TODAY, WAS A DOOZIE: 2/27/17

You Tarzan, Me not Jane…

Before I EVEN begin this post---please for the love of all that is inspirational—watch this movie trailer...   The Legend of Tarzan (2016) (NOT the cartoon version) "A normal man can do the impossible to save the woman he loves. My husband is no normal man." O.M.G we love it! So——after seeing this movie, I … Continue reading You Tarzan, Me not Jane…