Welcome Wanderers 2017


I  recently turned 30 on December the 6th, and strangely stumbled upon an amazing blog for men called, “Become Good Soil” written and maintained by Morgan Snyder. He began his blog at the beginning of his 30’s and after reading one post, at random, my husband and I both bought in to the message that Morgan is trying to share.

“Live in the Day. Measure in the decade.” — Morgan Snyder

As a result of this influence, and after waking up two days this week with something vital to share, I am going to try and chronicle whatever I feel the Lord lays upon my heart throughout my 30’s. I am trusting God that someone just MIGHT want to read it, and hopefully will benefit from my online friendship, fellowship, and fraternizing!

I awoke a few moments before my alarm clock on January 31st, 2017 with the strangest of thoughts on my mind. What resulted was a 4 day effort and a blog post without a destination called: “Where a Hole is, Matters” you can skip over to it here.

I was contented simply to have written it down and left it in the “notepad” app on my MacBook Air, but then it happened again. Today, on February 3rd, 2017. I awoke a few moments before my alarm yet again, thinking “You Have What it Takes.” (And I wrote that one in one day!)

Either I am cray-cray, OR the Lord is being faithful to a prayer I prayed recently, where I took a church-y saying and asked him to basically “do that to me, Lord.”  I’m not 100% sure of what my prayer actually sounded like, but the saying was this:  “If He can get it through you, he will get it to you.”  The idea is that He gives seed to the sower
(II Corinthians 9:10, if you wanna look it up).   

I have also had some thoughts in my head about being ready for the “End of Days” because of some verses I read (Acts 2:17 & Joel 2:28), and due to our current political climate (The Obama/Trump situation), and because of a couple of books I read (The Bible Code, The Bible Code II).

So I asked him to help me be a conduit for his grace, mercy, and blessings. I may not be an ideal choice for a pastor, but I can minister like a mad-dog. Plus, just look at the long line of messed-up, unworthy, dare-I-say losers in the long lineage of Christ, and how he used them, and the only thing they had on their resume was “broken,” “needy,” and “willing to do anything.”

I wish I could say my resume looks like theirs, because, well, it seems so spiritual.

But…I don’t think anyone would really refer to me as “broken” or “needy”, they might just say the third part about me though….and I think that’s what matters. So—this blog is me saying to God, “Whatever you want Lord, just use me. Use me up, wear me out, take me home, but don’t let me live another day, nay, another moment, where I am not living for your purposes. Let’s do this thing!”

So, here I am—a beautiful mess. Offering you an invitation to join me for the next 10 years of failure, freedom, and friendship in the family of Christ.

To the 30’s, may they be a decade of growth and adventure!


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