Combating the ‘Fizzle Out’ of Team Members

(Originally written and posted for; April 9, 2018) By: Emma K. Marvel During my time as an educator in Texas,  I came across all sorts of acronyms, approaches, and systems that are touted to be phenomenal for producing "student engagement." For Example: Kahoot, Plickers, Screen-castify, TRTW, TPRS, Gamification, Total Immersion, Realia, Project-based Learning, Comprehensible Input … Continue reading Combating the ‘Fizzle Out’ of Team Members


"I recently read a sentence that stood out to me, and it made me think of every human ever to grace the face of this bright blue ball of a planet…it went like this:  “To expect him to deny that fierce nature of his—given to him by God Himself— is perhaps expecting too much of [him].”  (Taken from “The Triumph” by Gene Edwards) ..."

Divine Appointments: Are we Ready for Them?

Originally written:  2/11/17  First off---watch/listen to this awesome inspiration!!   Exactly one week ago, I decided to ask the teacher in the classroom next to mine if she would go to a Premier Jewelry spring fashion show with me in Houston. I met her my first year teaching, but then she left, and now … Continue reading Divine Appointments: Are we Ready for Them?

A Life Full of S’s: 2/6/17

Safety.  Security.  Simplicity.  Soft pillows.  Sex.  Salvation.  Skittles.  Shelter.  Sanity.  Solitude.      Saturdays. Strudel.  Sandwiches.  Steak.  Skating. Strolling.  Strollers.  Soccer.  Satellite.  Sweets.  Selfies. And Seclusion. Some of these things seem fine. Yes. But too much of any one thing can be our undoing. For some reason, as I awoke today my thoughts were simply … Continue reading A Life Full of S’s: 2/6/17

How A Cup of Coffee Changed My Marriage

I loved this post by Amanda Cox, I look up to her as a writer and have found guidance in her words. I myself, am struggling with this very same concept, and hearing from someone who has been married longer than I, and has a family to tend to in the process gives me someone to look to as a mentor of sorts. This post comes highly recommended (as it brought tears to my eyes, and I am not an easy cryer.) Read and Enjoy!


I’ve been discussing the difficulty of change lately. Challenges, barriers, complexities. Today, I want to take a moment and remind us all of the simple elements of change, the power of consistency, and how small things become big things.

So the question is, can a cup of coffee change your life? Some of you know the magic of coffee. That first sip, and you go from death to life. Your brain works again…

My typical morning involves all three of my children, jumping to the floor and running to my room, firing on all cylinders. “Mom! Mom! We’re hungry! We’re hungry! Can I have_______?” Fill in the blank with three different, equally unacceptable breakfast choices. I stumble into the kitchen, trying to make sense of the little hooligans doing a circular tribal dance around me. “Mom! Mom! Mom!”

I probably agree to things like cookies, ice cream, and candy for…

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