By: Emma K. Marvel 

(Originally written and posted for www.cubedliving.com; Jan. 5th, 2018)

I recently read a sentence that stood out to me, and it made me think of every human ever to grace the face of this bright blue ball of a planet…it went like this: TriumphBookAmazon

“To expect him to deny that fierce nature of his—given to him by God Himself— is perhaps expecting too much of [him].”  (Taken from “The Triumph” by Gene Edwards)

Now, I know not every human can be referred to as “fierce” but I’d be so honored if you would bear with me as I walk you through my thoughts on the matter.

We can look at the adjective fierce in two ways:

I. Fierce meaning: having or displaying an intense or ferocious aggressiveness.


II. Fierce (in reference to a feeling, emotion, or action) showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity.

If we go with definition #2 then it is easy to admit that we all have fierce qualities. Qualities that are not innately negative or harmful (though if left undeveloped, they could become both of those things) but qualities that stand out above the rest, qualities that are more powerful, intense even—the ones that make lasting impressions on others (good AND bad).

Those are the “fierce” qualities we ALL possess, though they tend to vary from person to person, those traits are what others will end up remembering about us.

BlogWarriorAdvocatePeaceMakerSo, you can most definitely be a “fierce warrior” but you could also be a “fierce advocate” a “fierce peace-maker” or be fierce about parenting, marketing, shopping, singing, construction, etc. You get the idea right?

I bet right now you are thinking: ‘What am I fierce about?’  And that is a great question to ask!!

Considering what we are fierce about on a deeper level gives us insight into our God-given nature, personality, and ultimately our divinely appointed direction in this life.

It’s not too difficult to figure out what it is we feel the fiercest about, but sometimes it takes an understanding, honest, and compassionate friend to help us see what we have been behaving fiercely about.  FriendsSuffice it to say, the two are very different.

Sometimes what we feel fiercest about can be something that has hurt us in the past, and our reactions, strong as they may seem, are really just defense mechanisms rather than a response to a deeper rooted calling from within.

Ferocity from hurt is immensely different from ‘fierceness due to ethos. — (E. Marvel)

For Example: I am fierce about sticking up for the underdog, but I can be ferocious when someone triggers a nerve left raw by a family member or friend’s words from years past…

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