Wayward Wanderers: Welcome

“Not all  who wander are lost.”

— J. R. R. Tolkien
From: All that is gold does not glitter

Traveling. —I love to walk through life looking for the small truths that exist in the inbetweens. 

Traveling makes me think of journeys, roads less taken, and the narrow road. I think of the road to hell being paved with ‘good intentions’ and how those intentions are not worth the paper they are written on (if ever written.)

Journeys bring up within me a wanderlust–a desire to experience this life to it’s fullest, to take each moment by force and live each day as if it were a precious treasure that may not be in my possession for long.

I prefer to view life as just that.  A journey. Sometimes we have a companion to share the burdens with, and other times we feel as if we are the lonely-only.

A solemn sojourner.

Wishing for a companion. But sometimes the most monumental growth is done in those inbetweens. From point A to point B.

There are an infinite amount of possibilities.

If we only choose to look.


May we choose to look. 


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