Combating the ‘Fizzle Out’ of Team Members

(Originally written and posted for; April 9, 2018) By: Emma K. Marvel During my time as an educator in Texas,  I came across all sorts of acronyms, approaches, and systems that are touted to be phenomenal for producing "student engagement." For Example: Kahoot, Plickers, Screen-castify, TRTW, TPRS, Gamification, Total Immersion, Realia, Project-based Learning, Comprehensible Input … Continue reading Combating the ‘Fizzle Out’ of Team Members


**Warning: This post is female specific--and not suitable for anyone who has not experienced the joy of puberty... ___________________________________ Today. Today was a Doozie. AND not the cookie type... There’s nothing else to call it. It was quite possibly the worst day I’ve lived through in the last 2 years.  I am SO glad it … Continue reading TODAY, WAS A DOOZIE: 2/27/17

Divine Appointments: Are we Ready for Them?

Originally written:  2/11/17  First off---watch/listen to this awesome inspiration!!   Exactly one week ago, I decided to ask the teacher in the classroom next to mine if she would go to a Premier Jewelry spring fashion show with me in Houston. I met her my first year teaching, but then she left, and now … Continue reading Divine Appointments: Are we Ready for Them?