2017-2018: A Whirlwind

A Whirlwind…               (Originally written: 6/7/18) 2017 - 2018: Year 31 was AND is still a Whirlwind. Who can believe this decade JUST started….whew!? It has been a “hot minute” since my last post. I have written blogs for my job and shared them here, and they are pretty insightful … Continue reading 2017-2018: A Whirlwind


**Warning: This post is female specific--and not suitable for anyone who has not experienced the joy of puberty... ___________________________________ Today. Today was a Doozie. AND not the cookie type... There’s nothing else to call it. It was quite possibly the worst day I’ve lived through in the last 2 years.  I am SO glad it … Continue reading TODAY, WAS A DOOZIE: 2/27/17