The Circle Maker

“The Circle Maker” By: Mark Batterson circle maker

I was asked to read this title by my boss, and seeing as I am about to embark on journey to move my life 3 states away (from TX to TN) to work for this awesome organization under the leadership of this grand dreamer, I figured I had also better read up on some of the things that have contributed to the development of him as my new leader!


I don’t want to spoil the book for you, so here is what you need to know. Mark Batterson has written a positively influential book outlining what it looks like to throw all your chips in and let God lead you through your prayer lives, one big dream at a time. Faith is the substance of good prayers. When you trust God and place your faith in his plan for your dreams, you pray BIG. SCARY. AUDACIOUS. prayers. Because you know your God is also BIG. SCARY. and AUDACIOUSLY capable of answering them.

A lot of the book is anecdotal in reference to Mark Batterson’s experience with prayer and the role it played in the development of his ministry. It is sprinkled with valuable references to scripture as well as based on one main retelling of a story found in some legend about a man of great faith named Honi who was the original “Circle Maker.”

It’s not a long read, but I found myself taking time as I read it because I wanted to think through his words carefully.  As a result I found some opinions included in the text that may or may not agree with your doctrinal upbringing. My suggestion for you when you hit one of these “opinion bumps” is to cross reference the claim with what God says in His Word. That should clarify any concerns over a difference of opinion.

AND as ALWAYS—if it is not a salvational issue, I don’t prefer to highlight it, or argue it. Because knowing Jesus and being known by Him in return is obviously the most important concern any of us should ever really have.

Hope you like the book.